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May 29, 2018 2 min

The Finland Shop blog story

Here we have wondered how much of the same disposable goods that can be produced locally are sold in different countries. Quite a load. Usually, the goods are still cheaply made under questionable conditions. There was a time when this did not need to be thought about yet. It has changed. The globe is hard today for many reasons and this is one reason for that: disposable goods are even moving back from one country to another.


Light design blue crystal 3D earrings


This can be influenced by buying durable, locally made products. We here in Finland can buy more Finnish products. At the same time, Finnish work and jobs are supported. Sometimes you have to look for these Finnish treasures a little. They are sold in many stores, but they should be on display even more.

Our online store is one more addition to this set. Let us remind you how good products are made in Finland, even by small manufacturers. High quality, inventive, ethically considered. If something is bought, then it is preferable to buy a durable domestic rather than a disposable foreigner.

All products in The Finland Shop are designed and manufactured in Finland.

#Made in Finland


Certain textiles are designed in Finland and manufactured in the Baltics, because there is no way to find sewing shops in Finland for everyone who wants to. In any case, all textiles are of Finnish origin.


 Miiko design birch serving box with cutting board


Now. Then let’s go to the other side of the story. We also want to buy Finnish products abroad. The northern design is interesting and famous. Yes, we want to sell these quality products overseas as well and still stand back with that opening story. Finnish products are unique, durable and manufactured in good working conditions. The joy of a sustainable product can be shared around the world. So they are not kept hidden here in Finland.


Langø gray-white wool blanket


Design from Finland, The Finnish Labor Union does valuable work for Finnish products. Finnish design is actively sold to the world and we will carry our cards in it. Finnish designers deserve visibility in the world. Because here, where you know how to make sustainable, beautiful and ethical northern tv. Usually the internet gives a ‘cut warning’, we give a ‘nordicdesign warning’. It takes time to go!


#finnish for you



Stay tuned!





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