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    Kotimaiset tuliaiset Suomesta

    A bouquet of flowers for a relative, salt and bread for a new home, Fazer blue for abroad. These seem to be typical newcomers. How about something more personal and unique, but of course domestic, made in Finland?

    Birch forest cutting board

    The original Finnish birch forest has been immortalized in this durable cutting board. Cutting boards are needed in every household, and this beautiful specimen also works excellently on table settings for serving or as a pan tray. You'll make anyone happy with this firecracker!

    Finnish gift Birch forest cutting board, Miiko

    Jemma shoulder bag deerskin

    Especially for foreign friends, it's nice to take something Finnish that you can't necessarily find anywhere else in the world. Something a little more special! Deer skin is just that. Miiko's deerskin shoulder bag or purse is the best gift for a friend abroad. They are something truly unique. Both fit into a small space and won't break, so they're easy to pack in your suitcase.

    Jemma shoulder bag, Miiko

    Finnish gift ORIGAMI Swan necklace

    Or how about combining the two Finnish national elements, the birch and the swan? The modern Origami Swan necklace is made of spherical birch and crowns every outfit. If you don't like the graphic style, you can also find wooden jewelry in rich flowers, diamond diamonds and many other tastes.

    Origami Swan wooden necklace, YO ZEN

    Reindeer Tray

    Reindeer are exotic, cute animals for many foreigners and they are always admired. A sympathetic reindeer tray will surely delight its recipient. This wonderful reindeer is not only practical for serving, but when displayed in the kitchen, it is also a work of art that delights every day.

    I offered the reindeer as a firearm abroad

    Birch mist

    Valona's modern version of the traditional Himmel is also a real firecracker. And not just at Christmas. Himmeli is a great room ornament that completes the interior of the home (photo by Maija Saukko). It is conveniently packed in a flat box and therefore fits in a small space.

    Birch mist, Valona

    Moomin Kupilka kuksa

    The next time you visit your friends' cabin, take Moomin Kupilka cookies for the children. They are nice to take with you on forest trips or swimming trips on beach days. Kupilka flowers are very durable and thus parents will also be happy with them. They are also easy to keep clean: on a trip you can rinse them with clean lake water and put them in the dishwasher at home.

    Moomin Kupilka kuksa

    Owl knife

    Every man should have a knife. Vaari has earned a unique knife. The owl knife is a unique, handmade Finnish knife. The wisdom of the owl reflects the wisdom of the deer and it is a tribute to both the deer and nature. Not even grandma has a better fireplace than this.

    Owl knife, Kivalo Design

    Saimaannorpa wooden board

    All animal and nature lovers are certainly familiar with Erik Bruun's Saimaanorppa. The norpa printed on beautiful birch plywood is suitable for many spaces and many styles. It is suitable for a children's room as well as for a cottage. This wooden board is an excellent fire starter for all nature lovers and a perfect fire starter if you are going to visit Saimaa's beach.

    Saimaan grouse plywood print, Erik Bruun

    Leather Suvi ampel

    The flower bush withers very quickly, but give your cousin a green plant in a beautiful leather Suvi ampel. Amppeli is so naturally beautiful that it fits into every home. The beautiful natural color is also easy to combine with both dark and light interior. If you want a contrast, the ampel is also available in black .

    Leather Suvi ampel, Tina's Design House

    Soy wax candle

    On the next visit, my aunt would surely be delighted with the charmingly soft-smelling soy wax candle . Soy wax burns much cleaner than a traditional paraffin candle. The heart of the candle is a shingle-type wood chip, which crackles like a fireplace fire when it burns.

    Soy wax candle Candle Light Story

    Round Birch Forest cutting board

    How would it be if you baked a cake for your dad as a birthday present, and served it on a nice Koivumetsä cutting board? This cutting board can withstand even the toughest cooking while the men are busy in the kitchen.

    Birch forest cutting board, Miiko

    Kitchen towel

    In connection with a move, kitchen towels are subject to heavy wear when the new home is cleaned and wooded. Therefore, in the new home, you will certainly be happy with new, beautiful kitchen towels as a housewarming gift. You can choose from beautiful graphic patterns for a modern kitchen or Art Miriam's artworks from Lapland's fell landscapes.

    Fell tea towel

    Here are a few ideas for what to bring to the party. Of course, there are many other unique design products for small entrepreneurs in the store. It's worth checking out if you're visiting :-)

    The Finland Shop gifts >>

    Best regards, Johanna

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