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  • The Day of Goodies 2 November 2023

    Hyvisten päivä 2.11.2023

    We eagerly applied to participate in Mediateko's "Strengthen good" campaign and to our delight we were chosen among the first. Good day was celebrated on November 2, 2023. On this important day, responsibility took over digital advertising surfaces and you could also see our, The Finland Shop, ads on screens all over Finland.

    On the day of goodies, Mediateko had cleared its entire digital screen advertising capacity for one day only for the advertising of selected goodies. Guaranteed visibility was therefore guaranteed for operators working for a sustainable future on more than 400 digital surfaces around Finland! Non-profit organizations played a leading role, but also many interesting small businesses that challenge the norms of their own industry with their own contribution got the attention they deserved from 7.4 million contacts.


    A one-day advertising revolution - responsibility takes over the screens


    Responsibility and sustainable consumption are more important today than ever before. Advertising agencies have often been criticized for not promoting these important values. It's great that Mediateko not only talks about good, but also does good there. More companies like this are needed. Thank you for allowing us to participate!

    You can read more about the one-day advertising revolution here


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