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The best domestic gifts for Christmas 2021

Finnish Christmas gift The Finland Shop

The best domestic gifts for Christmas 2021

Christmas is right at the door and it’s time to get presents under the spruce. The list of the best domestic Christmas gifts in 2021 is a collection of unique, different and everything domestic. Includes Christmas gift classics and novelties. There is something for everyone!


Ester Visual Wall Calendar 2022

A wall calendar is needed on the wall of every home, which is why this stylish, visual and practical Ester Visual wall calendar is a great gift for everyone. For dog families Best Friend dog wall calendar 2022 is an absolute favorite. According to the Chinese horoscope, the year 2022 is the year of the tiger. There is also a selection for tigers Year of the Tiger 2022 Poster Calendar.


Ester Visual Wall Calendar 2022

Ester Visual Wall Calendar >>


Wooden board Norppa, Erik Bruun

Artist Erik Bruun's classic work Saimaannorppa from 1974 finds its place on the walls of homes, cottages and caravans. It is suitable for light and dark décor. As the customer superbly described, this is a "classic with a new twist." There are also other wonderful ones in the selection Erik Bruun's drawings.


Saimaannorppa Erik Bruun, Plywood Print

Wooden board Norppa, Erik Bruun >>


Moomin Chopping Board Friendship

Tove Jansson's beloved Moomins always brighten up the day. The cutting board is double-sided and can be black and white or pink, depending on the feel. The perfect gift for a friend! See other sweets too Moomin cutting boards.


Moomin Friendship Chopping Board, Muurla

Moomin Chopping Board Friendship >>


Toiletry bag made of recycled seat belts

This desirable, wide-style toiletry bag with a two-way zipper is to the liking of both men and women. An absolute choice today, when we should all favor sustainable consumption. In addition, the toiletry bag is unique, durable and convenient to use. You will also find a selection from us bags of different sizes made from recycled seat belts.


Toiletry bag made of recycled seat belts, hookoohoo

Toiletry bag made of recycled seat belts >>


Delay shoulder bag

All women should have at least one classically beautiful Viivi small bag, as it is good to be involved in going as far as going. In the delay, everything you need is always at hand and it runs smoothly on your shoulder. The lines are also found in black or would someone else domestic leather bag more pleasant?


Delay brown shoulder bag Okay's

Viivi shoulder bag >>


Cat watch necklace

We Finns really like dark clothes. What better way to brighten a dark outfit than a white Cat Watch necklace with a gorgeous jewelry design. The contrast of wood and enamel brings this jewelry its interesting final touch. This piece of jewelry is suitable for both everyday and festive occasions. Here you will find our full range of necklaces.


 Cat watch necklace, PR HandiCrafts

Cat watch necklace >>


YO ZEN Swan stud earrings

In ancient Japanese legend, origami swan is considered a wish fulfiller. The origami swan is also a symbol of honor and loyalty. For us Finns, the swan is, of course, still a symbol of our homeland, because it is the national bird of Finland. These lightweight, birch earrings look great every day!


YO ZEN Swan stud earrings

YO ZEN Swan Stud Earrings >>



High-quality domestic wallets are handcrafted in Sastamala. Timeless design, meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality leather make these wallets an everyday luxury. The wallet is also available in beige. An alternative can be found smaller walletsthat slip neatly into your handbag. For men, the selection includes Markku leather wallet.


Orange wallet, PT-Design

Orange wallet >>


Deer leather glove

The soft deerskin combined with the very heat-insulating wool is the secret to this quilt. It stays well in the hand thanks to the palm pocket and the pocket also protects the hand. A sure Christmas gift choice for a chef and it’s easy to combine for example cutting board.


Patakinnas, Miiko

Deer leather glove >>

Sauna meter Kivi

The stylish sauna meter Kivi is perfect for both a modern home sauna and a traditional cottage beach sauna. Who wouldn't go to the sauna somewhere and then a sauna meter is needed. Or would it be sauna meter Klapi your christmas gift choice?


Sauna meter Kivi, PR HandiCrafts

Sauna meter Kivi >>


Gift Card

A gift card is always a sure choice when you want to let the recipient choose the gift they want. An electronic gift card is also a matte choice, as you will receive it immediately in your own email. Also available physical gift cards in an envelope.


Gift card Teh Finland Shop

Gift card The Finland Shop >>


Waiting for Christmas, Johanna


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