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The wooden wall clock is suitable for the interior of any home

Wooden Woodpecker wall clock, made in Finland

The wall clock belongs to the wall of every home. It can be classically stylish, it can have a touch of playfulness or it can bring nature inside your home decor. A good wall clock is made of high quality materials and its design takes time. A wall clock made in Finland is an ecological choice. The beautiful wall clock is not only practical, but also an elegant interior element for any room and is suitable for a wide range of interiors. The wall clock can find its place in the kitchen, living room, hallway or even in the children's room. From the beautiful wooden wall clock with numbers, it is nice for children to learn to read the clock and the passage of time.

Choose a traditional wall clock or an exciting, modern clock. Find the right domestic wall clock for your style.


 Six o'clock, Papurino

Clock Six is ​​simply stylish and has a fun detail on dial number six. The warm wood and the reduced shape of the clock sit wonderfully in a Scandinavian home. A hanging cord made of Finnish leather brings distinctiveness to the watch. The dial is responsibly made of plywood, which is a by-product of the carpentry industry. The beautiful pattern of birch plywood on the surface of the dial makes each watch unique, and on the back there is a serial number indicating the production shift. Clock Six is ​​available with black or copper hands.


 Darts wall clock, Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts

Wooden wall clock - Darts

The dart wall clock is a showy detail in the interior. Its simplistic and delightful design is perfect for both a modern home and a cottage wall. This unique wall clock is noticed and it brings admiration. It’s a fun detail that fits into different rooms in the home. The darts wall clock is available in black, white and natural birch.


Disc wall clock, Shape2

Disc wall clock white, Shape2

The disc wall clock is an example of Scandinavian design. It is elegant and simple. Simplistic and modern watches are always popular and it is easy for them to find their own place in the interior of a home. The disc wall clock is available in classic black, beautiful white and stylish velvet gray.


Birch wall clock, Miiko

Birch wall clock, Miiko

The Finnish soul landscape is a birch forest. Sanna Paakki of this birch forest has excelled in photographing Birches in a wall clock. So the watch's inspiration comes from Finnish nature and I bring a piece of this beautiful Finnish nature into the interior of this home with this spectacular wall clock. The birch watch is perfect for both light and dark walls. If hugging the trees gives energy, then the birches of this clock also give energy to the day. Birch wall clock is guaranteed Miikko's first-class quality. Here you can get acquainted with the Birch wall clock in our shop.

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 Welcome to sustainable shopping, Johanna


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