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Lap tray for a laptop - good work ergonomics for remote work and home office

Sylitaso kannettavalle, Laplay

A lap stand is an excellent tool when you want a change from traditional working at a desk. It's a big help when you're working on a laptop and holding the machine in your lap. Writing, remote meetings and other end-of-life tasks are easy to do while sitting comfortably in an armchair or on the couch. You can also enjoy the fresh air and the energy of the sun by moving your home office outside to the backyard or a nearby park. With the lap top, you can detach yourself from the desk and work more ergonomically wherever you want.

The lap platform turns your legs into a sturdy table, as its lower part is shaped according to the base and the table stays securely in place. The lap level helps you find a position where your arms stay relaxed while the screen is at a good viewing angle.

Laplay lap level, Hiia

The Laplay lap top is handcrafted in Finland. Its cover is domestic wooden plywood and the computer stays well in place and it is easy to move the mouse. The lap top is covered with durable upholstery fabrics from the domestic Annala weaving and there are three wonderful patterns to choose from: classic black, spectacular Pioni and fashionable Zebra. There is a handy loop at the end of the lap tray, from which you can hang the tray on the wall when it is not in use. You can also take your level from running. The excellent finish and high-quality materials of the Laplay lap table are a sign of domesticity and guarantee its longevity.

Piono lap table, LapLay, Hiia

The Laplay lap stand is also easy to take with you and even the smallest S size fits comfortably in a backpack. The M size is the right option if you want to work in a narrower armchair and the L size lap top has enough space for a separate mouse in addition to a laptop.

Here you can find Laplay lap levels >>


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