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  • Midsummer market at Loviisa market place on June 20, 2023

    Juhannusmarkkinat Loviisa 20.6.2023

    This summer we went for the first time to try out what market selling feels like. The first location was chosen very quickly for the midsummer market in Loviisa, which was held during midsummer week on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. We had a lot to think about, what preparations to make and what to take with us. Loviisa market supervisor Mika Koho kindly helped and advised us first timers. Thanks also to the good community of online store colleagues, we were able to borrow a payment terminal with a couple of days' notice.

    At Loviisa market, we got an excellent area for our sales place in the shade next to the pretzel seller. The shelter turned out to be necessary, as the day was really sunny and hot.

    The morning started with assembling the tables, presenting the products and putting on the price tags. Soon the first customers found their way to our table. It was wonderful to hear that our selection looked interesting and suitably different. The morning was somewhat lively, but the afternoon visits must have been taxed by the hot day, because it was quieter then. However, the shopping was pleasant and the payment devices worked flawlessly. We even got to speak languages, because there were also customers from Germany, the USA and Sweden.

    The wooden cutting boards, wooden boards, trays, jewelry and sauna textiles aroused the most interest on our table. Here are today's most popular products:

    Finnish gift Birch forest cutting board, Miiko

    Finnish gift Birch forest cutting board, Miiko

    Moomin Friendship cutting board, Muurla

    Moomin friendship cutting board, Muurla

    Jäkälä table cloth / apron, Lapuan Kankurit

    Jäkälä tablecloth / kaitalin, Lapuan Kankurit

    Iisa Mönttinen Midsummer Flowers wooden panel, Plywood Print

    Midsummer flowers Iisa Mönttinen, Plywood Print

    Peace earrings, Desantra

    Peace earrings, Desantra

    Dishcloth, Nenni & Friends

    Dishcloth with animal figures, Nenni & Friends

    The day as a market seller was really interesting and rewarding. We learned a lot and it was interesting to talk with our customers and hear first impressions of our products. We also received a lot of interesting information from the Konkarito traders, and it was nice to hear about the life of the market shop in the past decades.

    Loviisa's trip was successful and this was certainly not our last market day!

    Best regards, Johanna & Pauliina

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