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  • About us - TAVI Event message, Let's take the bus to Loviisa midsummer market

    August 08, 2023 2 min read

    TAVI Tapahtumaelinkeinon ammattilehti

    In the 6/2023 issue of TAVI, the event industry trade journal, there is an article about Loviisa's midsummer market. For the first time, The Finland Shop was also able to participate in an article written by Kari Finér.

    TAVI Event industry professional magazine

    Let's go by bus to the midsummer market in Loviisa

    "We also found an interesting The Finland Shop at the market, which sold unique domestic products that highlighted Finnish craftsmanship and tradition.

    - The company was founded as an online store at one time, but after the corona eased, when people were able to travel again, the sales of the online store have decreased, entrepreneur Pauliina Pölönen said.

    - To speed up sales, we are now experimenting with market sales for the first time. The first place was selected with a very fast schedule today, Tuesday 20.6. the Loviisa midsummer market to be held.

    TAVI - Let's go by bus to the midsummer market in Loviisa

    Johanna Luoma, the other entrepreneur of The Finland Shop, told how they luckily got a loan of a payment terminal from their online store colleagues with a couple of days' notice.

    The entrepreneurs also thanked market supervisor Mika Koho for the good advice and friendly help they received as first timers.

    The point of sale was suitably shaded.

    The people of the market had also done their shopping nicely.

    There had also been customers from Germany, the USA and Sweden, so the language skills were also tested.

    - The wooden cutting boards , wooden boards , trays and sauna textiles attracted the most interest at our table.

    At the Midsummer market there were two entrepreneurs from Porvoo who were enthusiastic about market trade, and who say that they will continue to come to the markets of nearby towns with their unique products." Kari Finér.

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