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Competition: What is the best Finnish thing?

The best in Finland


Our Facebook page there is a competition running on Sun 12.8. until, which asks: What is the best Finnish thing about the summer? Even an event spotted on a summer vacation or a mouth-watering warp salmon or some unique shopping at the market or a cottage beach or the sun.

There has indeed been enough sun this summer, and now you can give the competition a rarer answer than the Finnish: 😀

We’ve gotten a lot of wonderful answers and there’s room for more!

The prize draw is € 100 SHOPPING MONEY at our store!

These then had to be thought of themselves, below are a few examples:


Before, it was better ... even the lime bottle had instructions on how to pronounce the name 😍👍

The best thing: Grandma's treasures ❤

An old lime bottle from the ground


Let that host come back ...

Best thing: Sea and beach

Seaside and pier


Best thing: domestic strawberries 🍓🍓🍓

Finnish strawberries


Best thing: Countryside, house and cow pastures 🐄🐄🐄

Countryside and cow pastures


Ottakeehan ossoo! Link to Facebook contest here.


A little rain already hoping (sorry),





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