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Each of us has our own eco-act

September 15, 2018 2 min

Tundra Natural natural soaps

The amount of plastic rubbish has been discussed a lot lately. Good, because it feels like this world will soon be drowned in plastic garbage and the world’s oceans will be dominated by giant plastic rubbishboards. We Finns are also very used to using plastics. But fortunately, our habits are also starting to change and many of us take our bags with us to grocery shopping, and so we don't always take a new plastic bag. Also you don't need to put frozen products in an extra plastic bag, but they and other purchases will survive the way home anyway ;-)

Large companies around the world have also woken up and are beginning to take responsibility for environmental issues. For example Starbucks will give up the plastic straws in their drinks and has created a new lid for his mugs where a straw is not needed. By 2020, Starbucks will be plastic-free thanks to new covers and paper straws. Carlsberg while it has developed a glue that allows six pack cans to be glued together instead of a plastic ring. This will save them plastic the amount of 60 million plastic bags a year.


Carlsberg to reduce plastic waste


Giant vacuum cleaners for plastic waste are currently being tested in the world’s oceans. Now 09.09. left System 001 San Francisco Baysta To the Pacific for the first test drive. Great hopes are placed on these vacuum cleaners. In five years, up to 50% of the plastic waste in the oceans could be collected using vacuum cleaners. However, this is not yet the solution for getting microparticles out of the world's nature.


Leave footprint not rubbish


We can all start saving the world from small things. For example, one small thing is to use bar soap instead of liquid soap. Liquid soap is often packaged in plastic bottles or other plastic packaging. The bar soap you can get from us in a paper bag or paper box. When choosing bar soap, you can do another eco-act and choose natural soap. In this way, it is guaranteed that the soap does not contain, for example, peeling plastic microparticles or other environmentally destructive ingredients. And not these natural soaps not only is it a good eco-act but they also bring you a little piece of luxury in everyday life!


 Tundra Natural natural soap


So I challenge you to think about how you can recycle more efficiently and how you can reduce your own use of plastic.




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