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    Liikelahjat omalla logolla suomalaisesta puusta

    With a logo business gift, you create and nurture good relationships with your customers and partners. You bring your brand closer to their everyday life and, by choosing a Finnish, ecological product, at the same time convey the messages of your company's responsibility.

    Choosing a domestic business gift not only supports local manufacturers, but also reduces the environmental impact of transportation. You can be proud to give a gift that is both high-quality and ecologically sustainable.

    Ordering a business gift is easy in our online store. We will send a response to your request for a quote on the same or the next business day. Stylish and practical product options made from domestic wood or natural composites give your company the opportunity to choose just the right gift for your target group.

    Kuksa and cutting board with your own logo

    Personalized business gifts are marked with +OMA LOGO in our online store. On the product pages you can find all the most important information and order conditions, such as price and payment options. The minimum order quantity for products with logos is 30 pieces and the delivery time is about 3 - 4 weeks. We always confirm the delivery time with the order. Delivery can be faster if necessary, but it will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Corporate gift with your own logo

    As payment methods for companies, we offer an online invoice, a pdf invoice by email, a credit card or, if necessary, Candex invoicing. The other most common payment methods used by consumers are also used by companies. The payment term is 21 - 30 days from the order and the products are always delivered before the due date.

    Promotional products with your own logo

    At the bottom of the product page you will find a form for a request for an offer. Send us the information about which product you are interested in, the number of pieces, the desired delivery time and other necessary information and we will get a customized offer just for you. We will get back to you no later than the next business day.

    Business gifts with your own logo

    In the offer, we will confirm the price and delivery time for you. After you accept the offer, the order becomes binding. Upon confirmation, we ask you to send us a printable file of the logo by e-mail. A print is made of the product and this is approved by you before starting production. Once the products are ready, they will be sent to you by the agreed delivery method.

    Domestic business gifts with the company's own logo

    Business gifts are an effective way to remind your customers of your company's existence and at the same time thank them for their cooperation. A gift made in Finland adds value and helps build a long-term relationship with your customers.

    Domestic business gifts with your own logo


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