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  • What to take as a housewarming gift?

    Mitä viedä tupaantuliaislahjaksi, teraslyhty

    The housewarming gift for a new house has traditionally been salt and rye bread. With these, we wanted to wish you luck and guarantee that there is always enough bread on the table in the house. Salt and rye bread are still needed in a new home today, but how about something more special, unique and something that lasts a long time? In the best case, a perfect gift will move with you to the next homes and will remain a memory for a long time.

    Wooden decorative flower

    Green plants and flowers are always welcome in a new home. But what if the host people aren't green thumbs after all? What if they even cause the cactus to die? Lovi's wonderful three-dimensional flowers made of wood are the solution in this case. They never fade and they bloom beautifully either on the wall or on the table.

    Lovi wood flower domestic gift

    Liito hanger

    Hangers and wall hooks are always needed in a new home. Whether it's a hook for a dog leash in the hall, a bucket in the kitchen or a guest towel in the toilet. The simple Liito hangers are suitable for both modern and traditional interiors. There is certainly a place for these funny housewarming gifts in every household.

    Liito hanger is the best housewarming gift

    Owl knife

    A knife is a multipurpose tool for every home. You need it in the kitchen, in the backyard and on trips, so you can never have too many knives. The unique hand-made Pöllö knife fits well in the hand and is durable. Here's a practical housewarming gift.

    The owl knife is the best housewarming gift

    Steel lantern

    Here in Finland, we have enough dark nights, so a beautiful lantern is certainly a welcome gift. This domestic steel lantern from Leino Design lasts from father to son. If the glass of the lantern happens to break, the individual glass can be replaced and thus the lantern is like new again.

    A domestic steel lantern, a durable housewarming gift

    Lichen sauna pillow, linen

    We relax and pamper ourselves in the sauna. What's more comfortable than lying on a raft in the gentle waters. The sauna pillow brings even more comfort to this moment. With a soft linen pillow, your head rests and your neck relaxes. The pillow's classic Jäkälä pattern is inspired by Finnish nature and is sure to be a welcome gift.

    Housewarming gift Jäkälä linen sauna pillow, Lapuan Kankurit

    King's lair tray

    The tray can be used both in the kitchen and as a decoration element in the living room. You can beautifully place candles and flowers on it, or it can serve as a focal point of the room on its own. In the kitchen, it helps with serving and is excellent, for example, as a cake plate. When the tray is not in use, it leans against the kitchen wall and is thus a wonderful work of art. Take something home-baked to your new home as a gift, served on a wonderful tray.

    A domestic gift, Kuninkaanlaavu tray, Ester Visual

    The most desired Tupari gifts for a new home

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