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  • Your own tree as a gift - an intangible gift

    Oma puu lahjaksi, aineeton lahja suomalaisesta metsästä

    Do you often wonder what to give as a gift? These days, it feels like everyone already has everything, and it's hard to find a gift idea. In general, the trend is to buy less and when we buy, we buy more sustainable. Fortunately, I did. However, it's nice to remember important people on an anniversary, and an immaterial gift is always a more popular option. A restaurant dinner or theater tickets are not always possible, but you can give your own tree as a gift at any time. Who wouldn't want to own a tree! There is no better intangible gift of nature than your own tree.

    Your own tree as a gift - the forest thanks you

    Your own tree as a gift - an intangible gift of nature

    Jori Alasirniö has developed a great concept and now you can buy your own tree for yourself or as a gift from SunSilva, Loukusa village. You can choose whether you want a spruce, pine or birch. The trees are located in Taivalkoski municipality, right next to the Lapland border. The buyer of the tree receives the GPS coordinates of the tree and a name plate is attached to the tree, which identifies the own tree. Ownership of the tree is therefore transferred to you or to the recipient when you buy it as a gift. It is also possible to get a birdhouse on the tree and thus provide a nesting place for the birds. You are welcome to look and hug your tree anytime!

    Your own tree and birdhouse as a gift - the forest thanks you

    Your own tree and birdhouse as a gift - the forest thanks you

    Acquiring your own tree is also an act for the climate, as you protect precious pure nature at the same time. My tree is located in an old-growth forest. Old-growth forest refers to a forest area that is demarcated outside of forestry, and thus, over decades and centuries, it becomes primeval forest.

    Your own tree is an easy-to-understand and concrete way to protect our forests. It is an ethical gift and also excellent as a corporate and personnel gift.

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