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Elf rabbit - let's do good together

Lovi tontut

Lovi elves for needy families

We had 2 elf campaigns in the online store between November 2 and 28, 2022. For every order made in the meantime, we donated a Lovi elf to needy families through HOPE Ry. Thank you to everyone who placed an order during that time, you also participated in this donation. We received a gratifyingly large number of orders and were able to share Christmas joy with many families. I felt that the donation meant a lot to many people, and it warms the heart.

Lovi elves

HOPE Ry helps low-income families in Finland with volunteers, so that all children have more equal opportunities for a good everyday life. ♥

"The elf brings Christmas with it and every home needs its own elf. The Lovi elf sits comfortably on the back edge or rests his feet on the bookshelf. In the children's room, he watches the activities of the little residents and in the corner of the desk reminds him of the coming Christmas" - Lovi

Lovi gnomes are manufactured in Jääli, Northern Finland, from domestic birch plywood. Lovi's selection consists of beautiful, environmentally friendly wooden figures and decorations that are a pleasure to give as gifts. Lovi is Finnish ingenuity and responsibility at its best. Lovi also participated in the donation of elves.

Here you can find the cool Lovi gnomes

Have a nice Christmas,


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