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Raffle on the Vainflipu website

Test whether your purchases support Finnish work?

On the websites of Avainlipu and Suomalainen Työ Liito, there is a raffle going on in connection with the Buy a job in Finland day. On the website, you can test whether your purchase decision supports Finnish work and participate in the lottery. The competition period is 14.11.-7.12.2022. We want to inspire and encourage us all to think about our own choices.

Buy a job in Finland one day

Test whether your purchases support Finnish work?

"Do you shop for fast fashion or do you buy thoughtfully and responsibly? Buy work in Finland day is celebrated on December 2.12. Test whether your purchases support Finnish work! Now is a good time to think about your own consumption choices and think about what kind of consumer you are. Take the test and participate in the raffle! All participants will be drawn:

Palaset Klassikko Fantti product family money boxes in different sizes and colors emphasize the importance of saving, make it fun and also serve as great interior design elements.

Domestic Everyday Design HELSINKI stand in the color of your choice. The stand is suitable for recycling, sorting and storage.

Starter pack of SINI cleaning agent tablets and bottles, contains five different tablets and bottles. With biodegradable SINI cleaning agents, you leave behind less plastic waste and more cleanliness.

A €50 gift card from The Finland Shop. The entire selection of The Finland Shop is made in Finland.


Key ticket test and raffle prizes


PS 2.12. we are celebrating Buy a job in Finland day. Then we only buy Finnish products and services." Suomalainen Työn Liitto.

Take the test and participate in the draw >>


Good luck in the draw!



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