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A gift for a hiker

Lahja retkeilijälle Kupilka kuksa

You can do many kinds of trips. The trip can be a several-day hike into the wilderness of Lapland, where you spend the night in tents or tents. The trip can also be a family day trip to a private shed to grill or in the summer to swim at the seaside. You can also take a trip to your own backyard or a city park. Here are our gift tips for hikers:

Big Kupilka kuksa

Good snacks are an important part of camping. From this Kupilka kuksa, you can enjoy the day's soup or noodle meal first, and then drink the day's coffee. Kupilka kuksa is made ecologically from natural fiber composite and is easy to keep clean on trips. At home, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Kupilka kuksa 37, big

Big Kupilka kuksa

Owl knife

A good knife is an important tool for anyone out in nature. You need a good blade for a lot of things, whether it's about making a knife, sharpening a sausage stick or cutting a slice of bread. Pöllö puukko is a unique, handmade knife that respects Finland's nature, as all divers respect.

Owl knife

Owl knife, Kivalo Design

Squirrel saucer

The light trivet is easy to take on the go. It can be used as a cutting board, a bread plate and of course a coffee pot holder. The Orava pan tray is made of durable birch plywood and is easy to wipe clean.

Squirrel saucer

Squirrel pan saucer, Miiko

Goodbye to the cold towel

The farewell to the cold towel combines linen and cotton, which makes it durable, absorbent and easy to care for. With this little towel, the wild man not only dries his hair, but it also works well for drying the skin after a dip in the lake. On a trip to the garden or park, you can cover the servings beautifully on top of it.

Farewell to the cold kitchen towel

Farewell to the cold towel

Tube scarf in merino wool and silk

The favorite of every outdoor person is definitely the tube scarf, because it is so versatile. This scarf is warm thanks to the merino wool and silky soft thanks to the silk. Definitely a "must have" for every outdoorsman.

Tube scarf in merino wool

Tube scarf merino wool and silk

Natural soap Blue Lakes and Rivers

With this soap, you can wash in fell streams and clear lakes and you don't have to worry about chemicals getting into nature. A piece of natural soap belongs in every outdoorsman's backpack.

Natural soap Blue Lakes and Rivers

Natural soap Blue Lakes and Rivers

Winter Forest soy wax candle

After the trip, it's nice to sit down at home and light a beautiful candle. Winter Forest, the scent of a winter forest, brings memories of forest trips to mind and it's nice to remember them while listening to the crackle of the wooden heart of the candle.

Soy wax candle Winter Forest

Winter Forest soy wax candle, Candle Light Story

Lapland owl and fell owl figures

A nature lover's hobbies are often seen at home as well. The owl figures are wonderful and unique. They bring the atmosphere of the northern forests to the interior of the home and are the best nature-related gift.

Owl figures

Lapland owl and fell owl figures, Kivalo Design

Finnish national parks poster

There are already many national parks in the Finnish national parks poster selection. This poster is the best memory of trips to the unique nature of Finland. Or if the trip to the national park hasn't been done yet, this poster can serve as a gift card for a future trip to the national park together.

Finnish national parks poster

Finnish national parks poster, Vuoma Company

Raven necklace

This piece of jewelry fits the neck of every wilderness man. The raven is the intelligentsia of the wilderness and also symbolizes adventures. The raven necklace is simply handsome and skillfully handcrafted.

Raven necklace

Raven necklace for wild men

If you also like camping, then these are also suitable as a gift for you :)

Here you can find more gift tips >>


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