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Raffle on Instagram in collaboration with @joulunlumois

Saimaannorppa puutaulu, Erik Bruun

While waiting for Christmas, we will do a raffle in collaboration with the @joulunlumois Instagram account. All the Christmas people meet on the @joulunlumoi Insta account. It is a community of Christmas celebrants: from the love of Christmas coziness, cooking and manual skills.

In the @joulunlumois Instagram feed, you can participate in the raffle from November 1 - 6, 2022 and win a gift card to our online store. The Saimaan norpa wooden picture and other birch plywood pictures from Plywood Print are wonderful Christmas gift ideas. These and many other domestic treasures can be yours if luck favors you and you win a gift card. It's worth participating!

@joulunlumoissa Instagram account

Saimaannorpa wooden board

Plywood Print's wooden boards

Saimannorppa birch plywood print

"If someone could be defined as a Christmas person or a Christmas person, it would definitely be me. I love Christmas, from my toes to the tassel of my elf cap! However, waiting for Christmas and getting into the mood is much nicer in an inspiring group, which is why I set up the @joulunlumoissa account on Instagram last fall." Anu Piispanen / Christmas enchanted account.

Saimaan norppa birch plywood pendant, Erik Bruun

Important values ​​for Anu are domesticity and ecology, without forgetting aesthetics. He appreciates our shop because we facilitate the vitality of smaller Finnish designers and craftsmen.

Raffle on @joulunlumoisa account on Instagram

"✨ Commercial cooperation: @thefinlandshop | THE DRAFT HAS ENDED - THANKS TO THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED! ✨ Domestic design, hand skills and entrepreneurship in creative fields have always been important to me. That's why I was very happy when I found my way to Johanna and Pauliina's online store, The Finland Shop. Its selection consists only of home, living and clothing products made in Finland. Without compromising on quality, ecology and aesthetics. Pretty amazing, isn't it! 🤩❤️🙌

I particularly appreciate the fact that @thefinlandshop 's selection consists of products from small entrepreneurs in creative fields, where uniqueness and inspiration from northern nature is present. Like, for example, this wonderful Saimaanorppa wood panel printed on Finnish birch plywood by Helsinki-based Plywood Print, which depicts artist Erik Bruun's classic work from the 1970s. This smiling polecat is so sweet, and on top of that, it strongly symbolizes Finnish nature conservation. So perfect for the wall of our home. ❤️🦭❤️

Because of our shared love for Finnish design, we decided to organize a Christmas raffle with @thefinlandshop , the winner of which will receive a €40 gift card to thefinlandshop.fi online store. You can participate in the draw between 1 and 6 November 2022 with the @joulunlumoissa account.

Here are the raffle rules:
1. Follow the @joulunlumoissa and @thefinlandshop accounts
2. Comment on this publication what would be your favorite gift from thefinlandshop.fi online store.
3. If you want, you can invite your friends to join the draw by tagging them in the comments. Each new tag is a new lottery.
4. The draw will take place on November 7, 2022, and I will contact the winner via private message on the same day. The Finland Shop will send a gift card to the winner.

Plywood Print, Instagram or Facebook are not involved in organizing the draw.

❤️ Good luck in the draw! ❤️
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Here you can find domestic Christmas gifts >>

Have a nice Christmas, Johanna

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