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    Suomalainen häälahja häälahjaideat

    Finnish wedding gift

    There will certainly be many weddings this summer. Have you received an invitation to a wedding and are wondering what to give as a gift to the wedding couple. Dare to give a memorable and personal gift that celebrates the happy wedding couple's important day and life together. Our tip is: make the gift as personal as possible and personalize it. Donate atmospheric moments and experiences ♥

    Wedding gift idea I: A cozy wool blanket, a bottle of red wine and a playlist for an atmospheric evening at home

    A Louhi wool blanket , which is wonderful to wrap up under to spend an atmospheric evening, is a great idea to give as a gift to a wedding couple. The high-quality, warm blanket is long-lasting and the beautiful graphic pattern fits many interiors. You finish the gift with a bottle of good red wine and a favorite playlist. This is how you give the wedding couple the gift of an atmospheric moment together.

    Light Louhi wool blanket, Miiko

    Wedding gift idea II: 2 x Kupilka gift box and a map to Finland's national park

    The idea of ​​a wedding, togetherness, is symbolized by similar gifts for the bride and groom. A great idea for a hiking couple is to buy each of them their own Kupilka gift box , which contains a Kupilka cup, a plate and a spoon. In addition, get a map to that Finnish national park where the wedding couple has always wanted to go on a trip. This way you also give them the gift of shared experiences.

    Finnish wedding gift Kupilka kuksa gift box

    Wedding gift idea III: Carrier and sauna scent

    The stylish Kantaja is suitable for a modern home as well as a cottage. It's easy to carry firewood, but it's also a beautiful rack for storing photo magazines or other things. You offer the wedding couple relaxing sauna moments when you add wonderful sauna scents to the gift. Together we get firewood, light the fires in the sauna and enjoy gentle baths in the scent of fresh birch.

    Finnish wedding gift Muurla Kantaja

    Wedding gift idea IV: Tikka wall clock and leaves of the year

    The Tikka wall clock brings a small piece of nature to your home interior. The clock also reminds you that sometimes it's good to take a moment for yourself and sit on the sofa and read a newspaper. In addition to the Tikka watch, order the wedding couple the magazines of the year, which are suitable for their hobby. This is how you create relaxing reading moments for the wedding couple in the middle of busy everyday life.

    Finnish wedding gift Tikka wall clock

    Wedding gift idea V: A lantern and an invitation to visit the cabin

    Domestic Leino Design lanterns are great as a wedding gift. The handmade, stainless steel lantern lasts a long time and always reminds the wedding couple of their happy wedding day when it is lit. You can slip an invitation to visit the cabin inside the lantern. It's nice to spend a relaxing time with a group at the cottage and make new memories together.

    Leino Design lanterns

    Wedding gift idea VI: Gift card and wooden plaque

    An excellent wedding gift is also our popular gift card , with which the wedding couple can choose their favorite classic or the most interesting novelty from our selection. You can write the greeting and the gift card code on the back of the wooden board , and this way the wedding couple will have a beautiful, lasting memory of the important day. There is sure to be a pleasant picture in the selection of wooden boards that will find its place on the wall of the wedding couple's home or cottage.

    Finnish wedding gift Sprin perfection wooden board

    A domestic wedding gift is a clear sign of durability, just like a marriage, and both bring joy to life even years from now. At the same time, you support domestic design, work and small entrepreneurship ♥


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