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About us - is.fi men, Do you already know these domestic jewelry brands?

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On September 30, 2020, an article by Vivi Norokorve appeared in Ilta-Sanomie's menaiet online magazine, which introduces Finnish jewelry brands. From our selection, the beautiful Kupla earrings by ButoniDesign made it to the list.

"Do you already know these domestic jewelry brands?

Among the 14 brands, there is something for every budget
We gathered 14 more familiar and unfamiliar, interesting Finnish jewelry brands together." Vivi Norokorpi.
Evening news, menai, domestic jewelry

"Very graceful or distinctly thick necklaces and, for example, striking statement earrings immediately elevate contemporary dressing to the next level. Now there is an increasingly large selection of wonderful jewelry also from Finnish makers.

More and more people want to prefer Finnish fashion, but have you already switched to domestic design and manufacturing in jewelry?

We listed 14 Finnish jewelry brands whose creations suit different styles and different purses." Vivi Norokorpi.

Bubble earrings, Butoni


Modern and fashionable statement earrings can be found, for example, at ButoniDesign. It's the company of Maria from Helsinki, who makes jewelry from Finnish birch plywood, mirror acrylic and surgical steel." Vivi Norokorpi.

Here you can find "Do you already know these domestic jewelry brands?" >> of the article

Here you can find Buton's jewelry selection >>


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