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  • Green City Farm sale date 14 May 2022 - Perho Liiketalousopisto

    Green City Farm myyntipäivä

    On May 14, 2022, the students of Perho Business School organized a pop-up sales day of Green City Farm as part of the course on working in a company. The event sold, among other things, seedlings grown by Malmi campus's Green City Farm and responsible products made by the students themselves. The chefs made local food for sale and the purpose was also to organize a raffle. We went along to support the event by donating lottery winnings, because in this event responsibility and domesticity came first, and they fit perfectly with our values. The proceeds from the lottery were donated to the protection of Longinoja .

    Green City sale day

    Terhi Hautala, a student at Perho School of Business Administration, was involved in organizing the lottery and tells about the sale date of Green City Farm:

    "The day started at eight o'clock in the morning at the school's main doors. Kuhina was already busy in the lobby of the Pearl Center when we finally got to carry the things there.

    There had been a senior dance the night before and the floor was covered in confetti.

    We arrived around nine o'clock to prepare our point of sale. A little before ten, the most eager customers were already there.

    After all, we didn't avoid problems, because our lotteries fell into the permit pyrography. So we had to think of another solution. In the end, we ended up with fixed-price surprise bags that I made from old Donald Ducks. I put the product in the bags, as well as information about the company and their responsibility.

    Green City sale day lottery

    The day was sunny and there were enough people. This was also reflected in the sales, and all the products were sold out in just over an hour. People were interested in the bags and I was able to talk about responsibility and domesticity. A slide show was also running on the tablet, where I talked about the companies. We managed to collect €234 for the protection of Longinoja.

    Green city sales day hodari and jätski

    After our own tasks were taken care of, we were able to help other students with their products. Our students had made ice cream and beer. Kaski ice cream was made from birch sap and conifer extract. Sauma beer was also inspired by Longinoja and its guest stars the mandarin duck and Toni-Sauko. Green City Farm's seedling sale was the highlight of the sale day. Perho's food truck served amazing hot dogs. There was also a beekeeper, as well as tasty honey products. Everyone was in a good mood and the atmosphere was relaxed. All in all, a really successful day and I'm looking forward to attending the event next year as a customer."

    Thank you Perho Liiketalousopisto and students for raising people's awareness of responsibility and domesticity!

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