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  • Kupilka Kuksa gift box

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  • Kupilka kuksa gift box

    The Kupilka ecological gift box contains an original brown mug, a plate and a small spoon made of environmentally friendly natural fiber composite

    A great domestic gift idea for any backpacker, outdoorsman or camper, or for foreigners coming from Finland

    Responsibly manufactured in Finland

    Kupilka's high-quality design that respects nature and new technology together create an environmentally friendly batch container, the best friend in nature.

    The ecological Kupilka dishes can withstand both boiling water and -30°C frost. The dishes can be washed by hand in nature or in the dishwasher when returning home. The products are made from Kupilka's own biomaterial with EKOenergia, and they patina beautifully without losing their quality.

    Product information:

    • The gift package contains: Kupilka kuksa 21, plate 14 and a small spoon
    • Color: brown
    • The volume of the cup is 2.1 dl / the volume of the plate is 1.4 dl
    • The weight of the bowl is 83 g, the weight of the plate is 86 g
    • Natural fiber composite
    • Designed and manufactured in Finland
    • Care instructions: dishwasher safe


    The main designer of Kupilka dishes and knives is industrial designer Heikki Koivurova. Koivurova is known for her down-to-earth attitude and beautiful, yet practical design. The designer from Lapland now lives in North Karelia, where the name Kupilka comes from... Read more and see more products

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