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    Forest hare tray, round

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  • Ester Visual round Metsäjänis tray, birch plywood

    Ester Visual from Rovaniemi is a brand created by designer Elisa Ahonen, which includes beautiful, picturesque home decoration products inspired by northern nature. The pictures of animal figures painted by Elisa with water colors are at the same time both reduced and rich, also realistic. In a row, wonderful works as a focal point for the kitchen, serving and the whole home.

    From the Arctic Circle

    Light birch veneer

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    Wood hare tray

    "Oh, the cutest ball of fur in the forest. Lovely!"

    Forest hare tray with a wonderful, multi-colored painting. The large tray is suitable for serving cakes, small edibles and larger wholes. The smaller tray is suitable as a bread plate or as a base for smaller servings.

    The image is positioned to go around the edges of the tray so that it looks beautiful even when the tray is fuller. In 'free time', this tray will delight you on the shelf or leaning against the wall. It deserves to be featured, always.

    • Material: Birch veneer plywood, melamine surface

      Two sizes:
      Small ø 24 cm
      Large ø 35 cm
      Height 1.7 cm, material thickness 2.5 mm

      Care: Hand wash. The surface is durable, but the wood veneer visible on the edges does not like long-term soaking in water.
    • Elisa, you produce wonderful animal portraits in Rovaniemi, e.g. as home decoration products. How did your company Ester Visual start?

      The story of the products began with a photo of a straw that was seen by chance. I had a strong feeling that these rusak ears must be painted, and specifically with watercolors... Read more

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    Customer Reviews

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    Kiva pieni tarjotin..Hyvältä vaikuttaa ja kaunis jäniksen kuva.

    Ihana kuulla, kiitos paljon Marjatta ♥!

    Metsäjänis tarjotin

    Todella kaunis, sopivan kokoinen käyttöön. Nopea toimitus.

    Ihana kuulla, kiitos paljon AR ♥!

    Helena G.
    Metsäjänis tarjotin

    Kaunis tarjotin! Nopea toimitus.

    Kiitos paljon Helena ♥, ihana kuulla!