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Elkskin gauntlet

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  • Miiko design, elkskin pad glove

    Soft mitten made of deerskin and wool

    Thanks to the palm pocket, it stays well in the hand and protects from hot dishes

    Made in Finland

    The product has Design from Finland and Avainlippu labels

    Patakinta's moose leather comes from moose that roam the forests of Pohjola. Deer skin is usually left as waste from hunting, but Miiko makes wonderful leather products from deer skin produced in Finland. The other side of the pot mitt is made of strong wool felt, which insulates well the heat of hot dishes. The pan handle gives you a firm grip on hot dishes and pans.

    Pot holders are a beautiful and practical gift for a loved one who likes to cook.

    • Product information:

      • Spade mitt size: 20.5 x 20.5 cm
      • Material deerskin and wool

      Care instructions: Pot holders are wiped with a damp cloth, no water washing. Deer skin can be cleaned and treated with leather care products.

      The pot holder is intended to protect a person's hand from the heat of the dishes and possible burns when taking cooking utensils from the oven or the stove at home. The product is not intended to protect against open flames.

      The product has a CE mark. The product has only been tested for contact heat and meets level 2 requirements.

    • Miiko's story

      Miiko designs and manufactures wonderful Finnish products using soft deerskin, durable birch plywood and high-quality wool as materials. The selection includes deerskin bags and purses, kitchen and interior items and paper products. Under the leadership of designer Sanna Paak, products inspired by nature are created, with pure style, which are manufactured entirely in Finland. Sanna's beautiful and insightful design has been appreciated by e.g. In the Italian A'Design Award and Competition, where the Väre pillow was awarded in 2016. Read more and see other Miiko products...

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