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  • Leino Design stainless steel lantern, grid

    High-quality, weatherproof outdoor lantern for the terrace and yard

    Finnish stylish design and stainless steel give the lantern a long life

    A valued Vainlippu and Design from Finland product

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    The wonderful Leino design stainless steel lanterns are made in Salo. The shiny roaster lantern is beautiful and long-lasting. The candle is placed in the lantern by lifting the hat. The lantern can also be hung from the handle. The handle is curved in the 40 cm high lantern and angular in the 50 cm and 60 cm high lanterns. A stainless steel lantern is an ecological choice - it lasts year after year.

    Product information

    Colors: grid metal

    Dimensions from the top edge of the handle:
    • Height 40 cm, width 15 cm
    • Height 50 cm, width 21 cm
    • Height 60 cm, width 21 cm

    Material: domestic stainless steel and 3 mm clear glass


    The lanterns are delivered directly from the manufacturer as a Matkahuolto package. The shipment is usually packed the next business day after the order. If the product is currently out of stock, the delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

    Care instructions

    There is a loose bottom plate inside the lantern, which can be cleaned of stearin if necessary. The steel parts of the lantern can be cleaned either with a stainless steel cleaner, a damp microfiber cloth or a soft cloth, lightly dipped in dishwashing liquid. We recommend using oil or table candles for the outdoor lantern. When burning an oil candle, the lantern's glasses stay very clean. When burning a table candle, you should shorten the wick at regular intervals and choose good quality, non-drip candles.

    Use the lantern only on a non-combustible surface. The lantern must not be in contact with flammable materials. Do not leave the lantern unattended or within reach of children. Do not move the lantern with a burning candle inside. Please note that the steel lantern cap may get hot, so handle the lantern with care. The lanterns are primarily intended for outdoor use. Indoors, place the lantern in a non-flammable place.

    The Leino Design story

    Leino Design from Salo started in 2009 when Mirkka and Jussi Leino noticed how rusty all the yard lanterns had become during the winter. They thought that lanterns should be made better and much more durable. That's when the design work started... Read more

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