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  • Sauna meter Stone, black

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  • Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts sauna meter Stone, black

    Stylish wooden sauna meter

    100% Finnish product

    Made responsibly in Mikkeli

    The studio of Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts, which has been awarded many times for Finnish design, is located in Kenkävero, Mikkeli. The studio nurtures domestic know-how and craftsmanship. Materials have been chosen, e.g. birch plywood and enamel, the processing of which has been developed with our own craft technique. Since sustainable values ​​are very important to Pauliina, the studio uses manufacturing techniques that guarantee a long life for the product, as well as production where there is no waste.

    Musta Kivi sauna thermometer

    The stylish black Kivi sauna thermometer is suitable for home and cabin saunas. The look of the sauna meter is completed by a hand-enamelled decorative pattern tile inspired by the angular shapes of stove stones. The tile is embedded in wood, which is birch surface-treated black with ecological oil wax. The measuring mechanism shows the temperature accurately and stands out even in the dim lighting of the sauna thanks to the white painted pointer tip. The meter has a convenient hidden attachment. For fastening, there is an installation template in the product packaging.

    The product has been awarded the Design from Finland and Key flags.

    Product information

    Color: black
    Material: birch and enamel treated with oil wax surface
    Size: 14 x 14 cm

    Pauliina Rundgren Handigrafts story

    Pauliina Rundgren HandiCrafts started almost 20 years ago out of great enthusiasm for product design and enameling as a craft technique. The enamel is... Read more



    Customer Reviews

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    Arja N.
    Kaunis ja toimiva

    Sopiinsaunan tunnelmaan.

    Ihana kuulla, kiitos paljon Arja ♥!

    Saunamitfari kivi

    Ihana, pidin kovasti. Helppo asentaa kun on sapluuna mukana.

    Hienoa kuulla, kiitos paljon Liisa ♥!

    Saunamittari Kivi, musta

    Ostin joululahjaksi poikamme perheelle pihasaunaan ja tuntui miellyttävän saajia.

    Hienoa, mahtava kuulla ♥ Kiitos paljon! Aina on kiva kuulla, että lahjansaaja on tyytyväinen.