Design Seppälä

"Design Seppälä was born out of demand to create something new and to try different things boldly."

Susanne and Jarno Seppälä is the couple behind the brand Design Seppälä. They produce beautiful, inventive and unique wooden jewellery and other design products from Finnish birch plywood in Ulvila at the west coast of Finland.

Design Seppälä's wooden jewellery lets the beautiful wood surface shine and thanks to laser cutting the jewellery edges are nicely dark coloured. These birch earrings are incredible light to wear.

"Finnish birch plywood invites our imagination to work. It is tender, impressive and durable." Jarno

Favoured earrings in the Design Seppälä selection are e.g. beautifully designed Life Tree and Leaf earrings which are part of the Nature collection.

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