hookoohoo design

A fateful trip to junkyard and designer Hanna-Kaisa fell in love with seat belts. Suddenly, a casual, boring, serious and annoying object became an inspiring opportunity. So many things you could do out of it. Something sustainable, practical and needful. And of course also something beautiful.

Seat belt is interesting material, it is durable and easy to take care. Black seat belts have many different shades and the light makes the smooth surface shine. The different weavings in the seat belts create interesting textures and graphic patterns. The surface of the seat belt feels silky and strong at the same time.

Hookooho bags are designed and manufactured in Finland. Products have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol and the Design from Finland mark. Old and waste seat belts get a new, long-term life through Hanna-Kaisa's hands. The design is practical and the products will last also hard use. The promise is a lifetime warranty.

Hoohooho products are super unique. If you want to stand out from the mass stylish, support recycling and promote Finnish handicraft you have found your bag!